Give the Gift of an Orlando Massage this Holiday Season

christmas-massageGive the gift of relaxation during the busy holiday scramble.

Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner and no one likes the pressure and tired feet that accompany the mall or department store shopping. Give an Orlando Massage from iMassage (Thornton Park, Downtown Orlando) to those friends and family members that are stressed out this busy season. They could definitely use it after all the pressure that they’ve gone through to get those special gifts. iMassage offers couples massages, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage and much more. Your loved ones will light up when receiving their massage gifts … and, imagine how good they will feel after a healing treatment.

Massage Helps Your Mood

It is a proven fact that people are nicer, more giving and less stressed with friends and family after getting a deep tissue massage. If you know someone that has had a hard year or week, brighten their mood with a personal, relaxing massage, given in a tranquil, uplifting environment. During a massage, endorphins are released and built-up toxins leave the body, leaving you with happy thoughts and a clear mind. We could all use that, especially during this busy season. Family gatherings, cooking for 20 people, kids and grand-kids, tension between siblings, traveling 800 miles, trying to work while entertaining … all of these are stresses that are taken on by all of us. Do yourself a favor — take time for YOU and book a massage. You deserve it too. Happy Holidays and Be Well.



~ iMassage Orlando