Massage Services

Relax, breathe deeply and experience the benefits of one of our custom massage therapy sessions by a professional massage therapist.  We are here to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your massage.  Few experiences in life can compare to the benefits of a massage.

We invite you to choose a massage treatment that suits your needs.

•    Aroma Therapy – Nature’s natural approach to healing and prevention
•    ARoMATOUCH Technique – an essential oil treatment that rejuvenates your body, soul, & mind
•    Relaxation Swedish Massage
•    Deep Muscle Therapy / Deep Tissue Massage
•    Head, Neck & Back Pain Relief
•    Carpal Tunnel Relief
•    Plantar Fasciitis Relief
•    Reflexology
•    Sports Massage / Sports Injury Rehabilitation – helping athletes reach their ultimate physical potential
•    Therapeutic Massage – Combines the use of several modalities to address the client’s needs

Other Services Offered:

•    Warm Stone Massage
•    Body Exfoliation
•    Herbal Body Wraps
•    Head, Neck, & Back Rejuvenation