Sports Injury Massage

Sports Massage / Sports Injury Rehabilitation Massage
Ideal for the athletic individual, this mixture of Deep Tissue Massage and stretching promotes flexibility, relieves swelling, and helps prevent injury.

Sports Massage is designed to prime athletes for success and to enhance their athletic performance.  Athletes have experienced tremendous gains in reaching their performance goals as a result of integrating regular massage as part of their regular training program. Sports massage isn’t just for the professional and semi-professional athletes; it’s for anyone serious about their workout regimen and even the weekend sports enthusiasts.

A variety of techniques are used to address specific concerns of athletes and helps to alleviate stress and tension that build up in the body’s soft tissue during physical activity.  The treatment utilizes a combination of massage styles; Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and stretching routines.  This session concentrates on preparing athletes for peak performance, helping drain away fatigue, relieving swelling muscles, promoting flexibility and preventing injuries.
60min |$ 85
90min | $118
120min | $148