Wellness Packages are beneficial for anyone concerned with maintaining good health.  Massage is more than a luxurious pampering it provides relief to an overworked body; it helps to alleviate stress from and chronic pain.  Our Wellness Massage Packages are one way we can help you maintain a consistent wellness and will-being routine, which is dependable and most of all affordable.

Benefits of Wellness Packages
•    Enjoy 12 stress releasing customized massage sessions
•    Share your Wellness massages and benefits with your spouse/partner
•    Sessions include a customized massage and aromatherapy session  $25 savings
•    Purchase additional massages    60min|$65 $20 savings      90min|$85 $33 savings
•     Discounts on designated Add-On Treatments $10 savings
•    Add an ARoMATOUCH Experience  to your massage for $45 $30 savings
•    Friends and Family receive an introductory massage at your discounted price $60  savings
•    Gift one of your massages to a friend, co-worker, or family member
•    No travel or set up free $25 savings
•    Priority Scheduling

12 Massages
60min | $850       $290 savings
90min | $1,100    $440 savings

12 Massages  & 12 ARoMATOUCH Experiences (both services must be used at same appointment)
12 – 60min Sessions  | $1,299       $746 savings
12 – 90min Sessions  | $1,549       $896 savings



Imassage offers discounts for:

•    Law Enforcement/First Responders
•    Military, (active & veterans)
•    Nurses & Medical Assistants
•    Educators
•    Students
•    Cross Fit
Discounts apply when multiply massage are performed during one visit


First Time Client Special

We are currently offering our Swedish Relaxation Massage for only

60min   | $59      $41 savings
90min   | $79      $56 savings
120min | $99      $66 savings

Enhance your massage by adding an ARoMATOUCH Experience to your massage for only $30.
$45 savings

Returning Client Special

Enhance your massage with a custom blend of essential oils and Deep Heat Muscle Relief Therapy for only $10
$10 savings