Good Posture – Massage Therapy

Good Posture for Sitting, Standing and Walking


If you sit in an office chair for work be sure to align your back with the back of the chair. Don’t slouch or leaning forward. Be sure to keep your shoulders straight and your shoulder blades moving slightly down the back and together towards each other. Flex your arms at a 75- to 90-degree angle at the elbows. If they are any higher then that, you will carry tension in your shoulders. Make sure your neck, back, and heels are all aligned. Keep both feet flat on the floor. If there’s a problem with feet reaching the floor comfortably, use a footrest or another chair that better suites you. It’s recommended that you take a break and walk around at least every 30 minutes or so.


Stand straight and tall with your back against the wall, makes sure that your head, shoulders and butt are touching with your shoulders upright. Your feet should be shoulder width apart while letting your arms hang down by the sides of your body. Your head should be facing forward, after you have achieved this, come away from the wall and feel the gravity line of your posture. Slightly extend upward wile stretching the back of the neck. You should replicate this shape of posture at least every hour.


These days so many people are walking around with bad posture due to cell phones.  While walking keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead. Don’t push your head forward, be sure to keep your shoulders properly aligned with the rest of the body. Keep your shoulder blades moving slightly down the back and together towards each other, while pulling the bottom of your sternum slightly in.

I Massage of Orlando offers Massage Therapy to help correct the everyday issues that we don’t even realize are happening to our body. Studies have shown that getting regular massage and bodywork influences your posture awareness as well as reduces tension and anxiety, relieves muscle cramps and spasms, improves blood circulation that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and promotes relaxation and well-being. I Massage offers mobile massage as well, so if you to busy to break away from sitting in that desk, give us a cal and we’ll come to

Massage Therapy is the Key to Sleeping Easy Tonight

A Better Sleep after Massage Therapy

There’s nothing that can replace a good night’s sleep. For healthy function and cognitive ability, a good night’s sleep in imperative. Unfortunately, so many people do not receive the restorative sleep they need. At one time or another these people experience sleep issues that can lead to dips in work performance, foggy time with the family, weight gain and even substance abuse.

Fatigue and problems with concentration are usually the first to manifest. This affects health and mood, as well as your overall well-being. Treating insomnia has long been done with sleep aids and drugs, but new research shows that you may be able to try a more natural option: Massage Therapy.

Who Can Benefit From Massage Therapy for Sleep Disorders

If you are one of these people that find themself suffering from chronic insomnia, Massage Therapy may be your answer. People who sleep less than eight hours per day experience what is known as sleep debt something that cannot be made up for by sleeping in a little on the weekend. A full eight hours every night is important to keep your health optimal.

In addition to good nutrition and exercise, stress related insomnia can be alleviated with massage. Other conditions that contribute to poor sleep may benefit from Massage Therapy include headaches, anxiety, digestive disorders, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, spots injuries and soft tissue sprains to name a few.

Massage Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Massage Therapy is not just a luxury — in research gathered by the American Massage Therapy Association, massage has been shown to improve sleep on a chemical level. Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which is constantly telling the body it’s time to wake up. At the same time, massage increases the neuro-hormone serotonin. This feel-good hormone is the precursor to melatonin, which is the brain’s cue to quiet down and prepare for sleep. The more serotonin that is released in massage, the easier and quicker you can drift off into sleep at night. Additionally, massage increases delta brain waves, which are linked to deep sleep. Not only will you fall asleep quickly, but massage will help you stay that way.

Don’t think of massage as a one-time treat, an indulgence, or a reward for a tough week. Regular massage truly elevates your everyday life, helping you sleep better.

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